Skynasoars introduce a range of budget price feather flags.

After a two year absence Skynasoars have reintroduced their Skycatcher(™) range with a new format. Still aiming to offer a budget price, we have developed  these new designs to sit along side our Premier Range.

The ‘Skycatcher’ range has been developed specifically to suit the requirements of customers seeking budget priced flags, for use at events and festivals. Working with partners in Europe, our  Skycatchers  are  made to the same standard as our Premium range, but able to meet customer demands for both price and longevity.

With prices starting at just £56 each, then you cannot go wrong.

As an introduction we are offering  two designs :-

The Tahiti  design is a tear drop shape, with some novel features, a wider curve at the top, with a taut trailing edge.

Tahiti tear drop flag

The Samoa is a similar to our blade shape, but with more parallel vertical edges, and a loose trailing edge.


While seeking to provide a budget price we have not compromised standards, maintaining our usual high quality printing.

Each design is available in four sizes – small, medium , large and extra large – heights of 2.3 to 4.8 metres in on their poles.

Flags are printed using dye sublimation wide bed machines onto a standard 115gm knitted polyester. The outer edges are double fold seams, with durable external sleeving, resulting a high quality finish.

Poles are constructed as four sections; the bottom two are aluminium and the upper sections, fibreglass,  providing  both the sturdiness to stay rigid in stronger winds, and the flexibility to maintain the shape.

The price package includes the flag, pole, rotating spike and a carry bag. A full range of additional accessories is also available

Since they were introduced in the first week in March 2017, sales and enquires have been encouraging, and we are looking forward to a successful summer event season.

More information can be found on  our website


About skynasoars

Jim Rowlands ; MD Skynasoars Ltd. Offering creative branding for outdoor events -corportate entertainments and festivals, in the form of feather banners, tear drop flags, pop up signs and windsocks. Based in Scunthorpe UK
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