Join Dan’s Fund for Burns – for a run in the Royal Parks Half Marathon

For the third year, Dan’s Fund for Burns has recruited a small team of volunteer supporters to run in the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October12th 2014, all of whom are seeking to attract sponsors. Among the team and currently training hard, is the actress, Sophie Thompson, who has recently won new fame, by winning the Celebrity Masterchef 2014 Trophy.Sophie Thompsom

Dan’s Fund for Burns is small charity, whose aim is to raise awareness of the physical and psychological damage caused to burns survivors and raise funds to support – transportation costs for families to visit and  for outpatient treatment, financial assistance to replace losses caused by house fires; other emergency needs; specialised equipment for Burns Units when NHS funding is unavailable; retraining and other rehabilitation needs, and research into improving treatment of burns.

The Charity, now in its 11th year was set up by Polly Milller, after the tragic terrorist bombing in the holiday resort of Bali. Married to Dan, for only five weeks, the party of ten, including Polly’s bridesmaid, set off to Bali for an international Rugby tournament.  Over 200 people were killed in the incident, and of this group of friends,  Polly was the only one to survive but badly injured, suffering 45% body burns.

On returning to UK, she became aware of a lack of support for burns victims after hospital care and so she was determined to make a difference.

Following a number of successful fundraising activities, including a 10 year Anniversary celebration at the House of Commons which raised £55,000 from an auction, Dan’s Fund was able to provide a Laser Doppler machine and Meek Mesher to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London. These machines help surgeons with diagnostics and critical surgery.  At the other end of the spectrum, Dans Fund for Burns provided funding for a Camouflage make up course, for a staff member in 16 Burns Units around the UK, and for young adults,  from all over UK, to enjoy activity weekends – sharing experiences  and learning from others and enhancing their self confidence.

Over the last seven years, the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon, which organises the Half Marathon has raised more than £18m for causes around the UK, with more than 559 partner charities, including the Royal Parks Foundation, Cancer Reseach UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Mind and Tommy’s.

“The 12th October 2014 just happens to be the 12th Anniversary of the Bali bombing in which Dan, Annika and my other friends so sadly lost their lives. I was lucky enough to survive the bombing and despite suffering severe burns have been able to rebuild my life. I have been wanting to challenge myself for a few years but surgery, and then children, have derailed my plans, but with the Royal Parks Half Marathon, falling on the 12th October I felt it was meant to be………….”  Polly Miller

Julian herbertWith over 150 charities winning places in the race, all deserve support. Running on behalf of Dan’s Fund for Burns this year will be Polly herself and the actress Sophie Thompson, one of Dan’s Fund Trustees, joined by Louise Paxford, Nikki Moulton, Kiki Thompson, James Gover, Julian Herbert, David Jones and Shona Alexander, most of whom have run for Dan’s Fund in the previous years. To date ( August 2nd) £2,700 in sponsorship has already been raised, but they are looking for much, much more…… and need your help.

This is second year Skynasoars have supported Dans Fund, and our relationship with them has grown stronger. This year, two of the Skynasoars sales team will join the runners’ friends and family, supporting them at both the start and finishing line, cheering and waving our flags, to celebrate their success.

Please do come along to support all the runners involved and join in what is to be enjoyable and rewarding day for all those taking part. If you wish to sponsor one of the Dans Fund for Burns’ runners, find out how using the links below,

For more information of about the Royal Parks Half Marathon and Ultra, Dan Fund for Burns and how to donate use these links :-

Royal Parks Foundation

Dans Fund for Burns


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