Cyclosportive with Kilotogo

Skynasoars have worked in partnership with Kilotogo for many years, assisting them with branding, supplying  our large feather flags , but we have never attended any of their events. With their showcase start of season event – The Cheshire Cat cancelled due to heavy snow in March – we made the 90 mile journey to Skipton,  for the Yorkshire Weaver meeting – 12th May, for which we had produced their branding only weeks before.

Riders at start

Riders at start

Kiltogo have been helping people get on their bikes since 2006. They are the people behind some of the biggest and best cycling events from every corner of Britain – from John O’Groats to Land’s End and Wales to The Wash. They also work with partners, such as Wiggle, High 5 Sports nutrition and charity partner Cancer Research UK.

60 Mile Route

60 Mile Route

Yorkshire Weaver is a new event in their programme, which attracted over 350 riders, of all ages, both men and women, who chose to endure, or possibly enjoy the 90/ 60 miles of cycling around the hills and valleys of the Yorkshire moorland. With the strong head winds, occasional showers, riders on the short route started to arrive back at base after five hours, much later than expected, but for many it was more arduous, with concern that the remaining riders had not arrived after nine hours.

Cyclosportive events attract a wide range of riders, from dedicated racing cyclists to leisure cyclists wanting a challenging ride that allows people to test themselves. It’s a great way to pick up or share tips with other riders too. Riders, from all walks of life, travel from all over the country to take part. Kiltogo events are not races; riders are able to start within a generous time frame, and cycle the route as fast or as slow as they like. They will also sometimes team up with friends, or someone they met that morning, and cycle the route together for company, and support.

The riders we met and chatted to seem to have enjoyed their ride, though against headwind  most of the way,  it was tiring for many.   Some newcomers, not having cycling this distance before  suffered of stiff calves and cramp , but the more experienced, having clocked in, taken some fluid and carbs, got back on their bikes to cycle home !

We enjoyed our day and learned much about cyclosportive events 🙂

Journey over

Journey over

More information about kiltogo events can be found on their website

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