Who we are and what we do

Skynasoars are a small company, based in Scunthorpe , Lincolnshire, who work in conjunction with a wide variety of  graphic designers, event management companies, sports retailers and a number of other agencies, to create portable branding solutions for outdoor events.

Most clients come to us with ideas for their event – not  necessarily a request for specific products.  Our role is to interpret those ideas into creating the most effective solutions to meet their needs.  For most events the requirements would include  our feather or event flags – tall flags, supported by a single pole to one side, but working with other suppliers, from UK, South Africa and Europe, we are able to include include vinyl and mesh banners, pop up banners, various framed  and hanging banners.

We probably have the widest range of event flags, of any supplier in the UK, offering ten different styles, Blade, Spinnaker, Wing, Fresco, Cusp, Conference,Teardrop, Enigma, Sola and Nimbus- in a number of sizes. Each style has a specific application to the type of event, or activity or the desired branding.lordmayor

Being small gives us the advantage of flexibility, able to design and create, something quite unique. The “Conference” shape for example was created, for an indoor conference some ten years ago – where the specification was for an attractive shape to suit the curves form of the sponsors branding. “Fresco” was similar – a unique, stylish shape which would immediately attract attention at the entrance to a museum exhibition. Flags produced for the Lord Mayors’ Parade in 2011, were made to client specification for weight, portability and style.

We continue to introduce new ideas into the market place, and our hire service has grown substantially during  the past two years. For many events recently,  the requirement has not for branding, but the need to create a background of colour in volume. Our range of event flags satisfies this need.  Combining branding with a background of colour was the specification for an event for a large city bank in September 2013.

Our latest project was to design  flags for a small charity.  They could  not be supported on the ground with a spike or sleeve,  could not be fixed to a  wall, and which were  sufficiently lightweight,  able to  be carried on  the London Tube or a bus  ?  Easy Peasy !!